A New Blog for Mobile Developers

I'm a fan of sites like Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions. They regularly pump out high quality informative articles about all aspects of web development and design. Now that I'm doing more and more iOS development I started to look around for similar sites that cater to the mobile development crowd, but I really couldn't find much. That's when I decided to launch a new blog, AppDevMag, which I'm hoping will become something like a "Smashing Magazine for Mobile Developers".

I launched the site earlier today, and kicked things off with the article 10 iOS Libraries to Make Your Life Easier. It ended up hitting the top spot on Hacker News and was featured on, so the site has got off to a great start! Going forward I'm hoping to recruit a whole army of regular contributors so that we really can make the site the go-to destination for mobile development information. If you've got an idea for anything that's mobile related, or would like to help out in any other way, please get in touch! And of course, please check out the site...

Posted on 15 Mar 2011
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