Four major software updates in a day!

Today has seen the release of 4 major releases for some great software that I regularly use. There must be something special about June 30 that I didn't know about. It makes me wish I held out on the release of PyRadio 0.2 for a few more weeks, and then it'd have been 5 great releases is one day! ;)

PHP 5.3.0

The long awaited release of the latest version of the PHP programming language was finally released today. I can't wait to start using some of the new language features in my PHP code, especially closures and late static binding. Namespaces are a feature I was looking forward to, but due to the awkward syntax I'm not sure I'll be compelled to use them over PEAR style class naming conventions, which do a pretty good job of emulating namespaces.

Firefox 3.5

I've been using the beta version for a while, but today Firefox 3.5 was officially released. Along with lots of performance improvements 3.5 also includes lots of new features. My favorite is an improvement to the "restore previous session" dialog, where you can now select specific tabs that you do or do not want to restore.

Virtualbox 3.0

The open source visualization software was also released today. A great tool for testing sites in multiple browsers, or trying out new operating systems.

Wireshark 1.2

As is 3 major releases today weren't enough, version 1.2 of the popular network protocol analyzer was also released today! An absolute must for anyone developing any network code. The new version includes lots of bug fixes and GeoIP integration.

Posted on 30 Jun 2009
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