Getting started with Google Android development

When I upgraded my Blackberry for an Android G1 last December I was hoping to get stuck in with some Android development as soon as possible. 9 months later and I'm finally getting around to it! My initial impressions of the development platform are good. There is great documentation, and lots of sample applications.

One of the best sample applications I've found is WhereAreMyFriends, which uses the phone's location awareness and Google Maps integration to display your location and that of everyone in your phone book.

Getting WhereAreMyFriends up and running the with 1.5 simulator is a little tricky, but this guide runs through the required steps.

Now that I've finally started writing some code for the Android I'll be writing some posts on the subject. If anybody has any suggestions on any specifics they'd like me to write about let me know!

Posted on 20 Aug 2009
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