Hacker News London Meetup: A Year On

Almost exactly a year ago I posted a comment to Hacker News about organizing a London meetup. Soon after that I met up with Dmitri, and over a beer we came up with a plan for the Hacker News London meetup. The first event was a lot of fun, with around 40 London based hackers turning up to a pub to drink beer and chat about what they were all hacking on.

We've had 7 more meetups since then, and in that time we've grown from 40 hackers to almost 200! We've changed the format slightly, starting the evening with 8 short 5 minute talks, and we've managed to bag a few sponsors who make sure everyone who attends is well fed with pizza, and never short of a beer. We're still toying with the format a bit, and at the most recent meetup we had a panel of YC alumni (Pete Smith and Phil Cowans from SongKick, Josh Buckley from MinoMonstors, and Colin Beattie from Tuxebo - see the picture below) that I think worked well.

The meetups are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, discover new opportunities, and relax over a few beers! Our next event is going to be on June 23rd, so if you're a Hacker News reader, hacker, or simply interested in technology and startups and not too far from London then signup on our meetup page and come along! If you're not in London then see if there's a HN meetup near you, and if not start one!

YC alumni panel

Posted on 29 May 2011
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