Top 10 Freelance Developer Job Sites

Whether your a full time freelancer or someone who does projects on the side for a bit of extra cash the web is a great place to find new clients and exciting projects. Below is a list of ten of the best freelance development job sites on the Internet:

  1. All Dev Jobs Mainly web development projects.

  2. Authentic Jobs A fairly active job board that attracts some great project postings.

  3. Freelance Switch The freelance switch job board is very active, and contains a wide range of development jobs. There is a catch though: It costs $7 a month to reply to any of the postings.

  4. Javascript Ninja Jobs This is a job board for freelance javascript jobs from John Resig, the author of the jQuery library.

  5. MetaFilter Jobs Freelance development projects, mostly consisting of web and mobile application development.

  6. No Agencies Please Primarily a site for UK based work, but there are lots of remote projects. Includes a whole range of different development projects, and isn't just limited to web development.

  7. Programmer Meet Designer A site that aims to introduce programmers to designers. Many of the projects that get listed are for skills exchanges (eg. you code my site I'll design yours. There are occasionally paid jobs though, so it's worth checking the site every so often.

  8. Search Web Jobs Lots of web development jobs, primarily involving CSS, HTML, PHP and MySQL.

  9. Smashing Jobs The job board of the online web development magazine.

  10. Web Directions Jobs Web development jobs. Mostly PHP and Javascript.

So that's 10 of the best places to find freelance development work online. Checking those 10 sites every for new projects isn't easy though! That's why I developed the next site.


  1. Plasis Jobs Plasis Jobs aggregates freelance development jobs from 8 of the above 10 sites, so instead of having to check lots of different sites everyday to make sure you don't miss out on a great new project you only need to check one! It also filters the jobs so that only freelance development jobs are shown, rather than full time jobs, or jobs for designers.


Are there any freelance development sites you use that aren't listed here? Please leave a comment!

Posted on 10 Mar 2009
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